The wonderful Family Christmas Concert with AMCHOR and Davenies School Choir was enjoyed by a packed house.


Twenty years of innovation and support from Friends of BCH. Read Daryl Ann's summary of achievements here.


The winning number in the December 100 Club draw is 22 and the prize is £43. Find out how to join here.


The Value of Time

The Value of Time pic compressedThis short film, The Value of Time, was presented at the press conference in Minsk to publicise BCH's new paediatric palliative physotherapy programme.  This groundbreaking service in Blelarus is receiving advice and funding from Friends of BCH. Two UK Friends of BCH volunteer physiotherapists have already made one visit to BCH to train and mentor staff and follow up visits are planned for June and October.

Sharing best practice in Ukraine

Joan Marston UkraineSharing best practice.  BCH Director Anna Garchakova 'has done a great deal to support the development of children's palliative care in Ukraine' and will be returning there to teach in November.  Read Joan Marston's report about upscaling children's palliative care provision in Ukraine here.

Anton Simon's Sporting First

anton 2013Anton's film about the first charity 'Triathlon Light' to be undertaken in Belarus can be viewed here.  He raised £11k by swimming, cycling and running.

Radio Christmas 2015

Friends of BCH chairwoman, Daryl Ann Hardman, was interviewed on Radio Christmas 2015 and told listeners about how BCH helps sick children and their families and how Friends of BCH supports this work. Listen here.

Anton Simon's 2014 Minsk Triathlon

youtube screenshot compressedAnton Simon and Friends of BCH chairwoman Daryl Ann Hardman are interviewed on Belarusian TV.  Click on the picture to watch.



Elena screenshot compressed

Elena, head of fundraising at BCH, is interviewed while Anton is swimming.  Click on the picture to watch.


McHappy Day For BCH

The McHappy Day in Minsk, organised by McDonald restaurants to raise funds for the Belarusian Children's Hospice, was widely reported in Belarus. You can read some of the articles by following these links.




BCH Participates In London Exhibition

An interview at the Museum of Childhood in London about the participation of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice in the museum’s 2016 exhibition 'Children and Death: The Last Taboo' was shown on Belarusian TV in early July.

Friends of BCH chairwoman, Daryl Ann Hardman, helped to set up the project and comments about the exhibition during the interview.

Charity Stars At The Embassy Reception

Amersham and Little Chalfont Examiner May 3, 2012

The Development Of NGOS In Belarus

Our Man in Minsk, Maxim Padbiarozkin, wrote an article about the development of NGOs in Belarus which appeared in The BEARR Trust newsletter number 58 published on 19th January, 2012 (page 13).