An evening of virtuoso piano playing and art organised by the Belarusian Embassy to thank Friends of BCH. More here


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The winning number in the June 100 Club draw is 1 and the prize is £45. Find out how to join here.

What Your Money Buys - Monthly Salaries at BCH

moneybuysIn 2011, Friends of BCH set up a fundraising department at BCH, in Minsk, and trained its first professional fundraisers.  Since then, the department has grown and at any one time has between 3 to 5 fundraisers and PR specialists. As they are now able to raise a great deal of the money needed to run BCH, our role has changed.  We are now developing, managing and funding a ‘new to Belarus’ child-centred paediatric palliative physiotherapy programme. This is overseen from the UK by a practicing specialist physiotherapist, a retired manager of physiotherapy services for the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and the chairwoman of Friends of BCH who are all unpaid volunteers. They travel to Minsk up to 3 times a year to train BCH physiotherapists and maintain contact and advise between visits by email and Skype. The charity is funding the salaries of three BCH physiotherapists and other costs associated with the programme. BCH staff continue to put in a huge amount of time and dedication in return for relatively low salaries. 

• £500 a month’s salary for a full-time physiotherapist

• Friends of BCH is entirely volunteer-run.  We do not take any commission or any payment for our own work.