The wonderful Family Christmas Concert with AMCHOR and Davenies School Choir was enjoyed by a packed house.


Twenty years of innovation and support from Friends of BCH. Read Daryl Ann's summary of achievements here.


The winning number in the December 100 Club draw is 22 and the prize is £43. Find out how to join here.

What Your Money Buys

whatyourmoneybuys• £20 a child’s birthday tea
• £25 a week’s car fuel for home visits by a physiotherapist
• £60 for a visa to enable a physiotherapist or other health care professional to visit Belarus
• £115 for an interpreter for 8 hours at a conference in Minsk
• £124 a week’s salary for a BCHphysiotherapist
• £260 an airfare for a UK physiotherapist to travel to Minsk to train BCH staff
• £750 annual service of a Nippy ventilator for a child who cannot breathe unaided
• £1500 a specialist Zebra positioning chair to enable a child to sit up to play and interact