An evening of virtuoso piano playing and art organised by the Belarusian Embassy to thank Friends of BCH. More here


Watch a 2 minute video of how playing games on a tablet can improve a little girl's manual dexterity and be fun here.


The winning number in the June 100 Club draw is 1 and the prize is £45. Find out how to join here.

What Your Money Buys


• £20 a child’s birthday tea
• £25 a week’s car fuel for home visits by a physiotherapist
• £60 for a visa to enable a physiotherapist or other health care professional to visit Belarus
• £115 for an interpreter for 8 hours at a conference in Minsk
• £124 a week’s salary for a BCHphysiotherapist
• £260 an airfare for a UK physiotherapist to travel to Minsk to train BCH staff
• £750 annual service of a Nippy ventilator for a child who cannot breathe unaided
• £1500 a specialist Zebra positioning chair to enable a child to sit up to play and interact