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Children on the physiotherapy pilot programme at BCH have already benefitted significantly. Look at some pictures here.


The first lucky number in 2018 in the 100 Club draw is 33 and the prize is £45. Find out how to join here.

BCH Working With The State

BCH works closely with the Belarusian state, particularly the Ministries of Health and Education, to improve palliative care services for children throughout Belarus.

According to joint research, there are approximately 3,000 children in Belarus in need of palliative care. At any one time, BCH has been caring for upto 110 children and their families at home. This means that there is still a large number of terminally-ill and life-restricted children who are not getting access to specialised palliative care. In response to this, BCH and the Belarusian state have entered into an unprecedented partnership.  BCH has built a state-of-the-art children's palliative care centre on land gifted to it by the President, on the outskirts of Minsk. At Forest Glade, the in-patient department is managed by a team put in by BCH and paid for by the state.  Other services are being provided by BCH in co-operation with the Ministries of Health, Education and Social Affairs. This includes a programme to develop and expand programmes of palliative care for children in all regions of Belarus. Forest Glade has its own training facility managed by BCH.

Another result of this unique co-operation is change to Belarusian legislation, for example, the new law entitling the families of all children in palliative care to two weeks’ free respite care per year and the experimental law making it possible for children referred to BCH from state hospitals to have their palliative care at BCH at least partially state funded.