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Children on the physiotherapy pilot programme at BCH have already benefitted significantly. Look at some pictures here.


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Physiotherapy Project Update November 2017

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Deb and Pam are sharing their professional expertise with BCH staff to set up a ground-breaking physiotherapy service in Belarus.

Deb writes,

‘Our third visit took place a couple of weeks ago. We were able to go for a full week so we could see all the children on the programme. As always, it was a very worthwhile and productive visit. The team is so welcoming and enthusiastic, it is a pleasure to work with them all.

We reassessed all the children on the programme and agreed new goals for each child as required. It was heartening to see the small gains each child had made since we started the project almost nine months ago. If the illness of some of the children means they cannot improve, at least we can ensure they maintain as much function as possible and prevent secondary complications such as shortening of muscles and tendons.

Have a look at the photos shown below and watch short films here and here.

Before we arrived in Minsk, we had asked all team members and the parents of each child to complete an anonymous questionnaire to see how they all felt about the programme. The overall feedback was
excellent with both staff and parents expressing a high degree of satisfaction. All wished there could be more frequent visits which at present is not feasible with current staff resources.

Next Spring, we will be holding a conference to celebrate their achievements and to spread best practice to a wider audience. Planning for this has already started. It will include practical sessions as well as seminars and theoretical teaching. Members of the Abilitation (physio) Team will be making presentations and, of course, Pam will be providing further teaching. An Occupational Therapy colleague of Pam’s will be joining us too which is an exciting prospect. She will be sharing her specialist knowledge and skills, particularly about the use of sensory stimulation techniques and communicating with those who have no language, Makaton is one of her specialist areas.

The new Zebra chairs are very popular and, through the generosity of our donors, we were recently able to take over sufficient funds to buy two more.

You can read about Deb and Pam’s previous visits to BCH here.

Pam girl and zebra chair cropped paint and compressed

This was the first time this little boy had sat properly in a chair.  Sitting correctly means he can play with a toy on the table in front of him.







girl on ball croppedand compressed

This little girl’s balance has improved significantly since starting more intensive treatment.  She enjoys spending time on the gymball.






pam and boy cropped and compressed

Pam demonstrates ways of helping this young man to improve his posture.  He loves computer games but struggles to control his balance when using a tablet.