An evening of virtuoso piano playing and art organised by the Belarusian Embassy to thank Friends of BCH. More here


Children on the physiotherapy pilot programme at BCH have already benefitted significantly. Look at some pictures here.


The winning number in the February          100 Club draw is 37 and the prize is £45. Find out how to join here.

Running challenge for Friends of BCH supporter

Roger in the Olympic Stadium compressedA big thank you to Roger Platt for taking part in the Great Newham London Run to raise funds for Friends of BCH. Here is Roger's account of his journey.

'In July 2015, my wife and I went to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to support our younger son (24 years old) who participated in the Great Newham London Run. This event is an annual 10k event finishing with a lap of the Olympic Stadium. It got me thinking - 10k is not that far and I'll only be 58 in July 2016. After all, I had previously completed a 10 mile run - does 30 years make that much difference? Also, I needed to lose some weight and improve my general fitness. So I took the plunge and entered.

Alexander Ardakov's brilliant piano recital

Alexander Ardakov Beacon 2016 compressedAlexander Ardakov, internationally acclaimed pianist and patron of Friends of BCH, gave a stunning performance in aid of Friends of BCH in the new Spinney Theatre at The Beacon in Amersham.

The recital was given to mark the 30th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the 10th anniversary of Friends of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice (UK). This hugely enjoyable and up-lifting event raised over £1100 which will be used to pay the salary of BCH’s first physiotherapist. Paediatric physiotherapy is a new discipline in Belarus and Katya will help ensure that physically impaired children at BCH will reach their potential and maintain it.

Thirty Years After Chernobyl: BCH estimates three to five thousand children in Belarus are in need of palliative care

ksenia croppped and compressedThe Belarusian Children’s Hospice (BCH) is 22 years old. Set up in response to ongoing problems following the Chernobyl disaster, it is creating a modern, unified system of children’s palliative care throughout Belarus based on the UK model of hospice care at home.

BCH cares for patients from 0 to 24 years of age with chronic and terminal conditions. Head doctor, Pavel Burykin, says that there is no single recognised method for counting the number of children that need palliative care. However, BCH has been creating its own register of such children in Belarus using its own methods that have taken into account UK and Polish experience. The register not only records numbers of children, but details of their care and care providers. The aim is to ensure that every single child and their family in Belarus who are in need of palliative care receive it.

‘We estimate that there are three to five thousand children in the country who need palliative care,’ says Dr Burykin.

A special relationship

Anda_profile_photo_compressed.jpgA special relationship: The Latvian Children’s Palliative Care Society and The Belarusian Children’s Hospice working together for 18 years

By Anda Jansone, Chairman of the Children’s Palliative Care Society, Riga, Latvia

The Latvian Children’s Palliative Care Society and The Belarusian Children’s Hospice, both operating in post-Soviet countries, have been working in partnership for 18 years.

In 1998, at the International Palliative Care Conference in Warsaw, the directors of both these organisations discovered that their organisations were facing similar sets of problems and dealing with issues that had much in common.  They had a very useful exchange of ideas and experiences and regular meetings have continued ever since.

Store Collection

tesco collectionA collection outside a local store raised just over £600 for Friends of BCH.  Thank you to all the jolly volunteers who held collection boxes, the customers who gave so generously and to Tesco Amersham for allowing us to collect.  The true spirit of Christmas!

Children's Art Project At Bch

Light from Within - the theme of this project was to seek the light within children no matter what their physical challenges.  

painting 3 compressedProfessional artists worked with children at BCH to explore ways in which each of them could produce a picture using different tools or different parts of their body.  The pictures were displayed at Gallery U in Minsk.  All the child artists and their families managed to see the exhibition.  At the end of the show, the pictures were auctioned to raise money for BCH, some fetching as much as US$150. 

The project was sponsored by Gallery U with support from the Belarusian National Bank.  Scroll down to see the children painting and some of the wonderful pictures they made.

A Christmas Message From The Chairwoman Of Friends Of Bch

Dear Supporters,

What a year it has been!  So much effort has gone into building the new children’s palliative care centre in Minsk that at times the Belarusian Children’s Hospice (BCH) has seemed a little overshadowed.  Nevertheless, BCH has continued its splendid work caring for chronically and terminally ill children and their families at home, quietly providing them with medicines, equipment, food supplements and other items free of charge as well as the medical, psychological and social support provided by the BCH team.

This year, BCH has cared for a total of 250 children and their families throughout Belarus.  Most of its patients live in Minsk and the surrounding region but it is still sending out mobile teams to care for patients up to four hours’ drive away which means a ten hour day for the team member and driver visiting the child.  The waiting list for its services in Minsk is long enough but in some other parts of the country it is very long indeed.