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Ecology Of The Soul Event In Minsk

Summer Project Manager at BCH, Irina Baidakova, has written about a winter event for BCH children.

sand painting ecology of the soulHardly were Christmas and New Year celebrations at the Belarusian Children’s Hospice over when we had another party on our agenda for the disabled and chronically ill children on our social programme.  On 19th January, 14 of our children came together at the Ecology and Local History Centre in Minsk with Hospice staff and volunteers, the latter including a growing number of student volunteers from local schools and some parents.  Thanks to the staff of the Ecology Centre, the students who gave up their time to help and made sure there were enough gifts to go round and to the event’s sponsors.  The event was called ‘Ecology of the Soul’.


It was fantastic!  The Hospice children were taken around the Centre on a fascinating excursion.  We saw multi-coloured fishes in aquariums, tortoises and whip snakes in terrariums and all kinds of colourful birds and mammals.  The children were delighted! Afterwards, there was a concert put on by students from the Glebov music school, demonstrations of sand drawing and other forms of creative art. Our children helped the students and teachers to create works of art to take home.  The day wound up with a visit to the herbal tea room where the teachers and students had laid on tea with cakes and fruit.  It was a fine spread and absolutely delicious.

The best thing about the day was the friendly welcome, care, participation, love and understanding. 

ecology of the soul eventWe are thrilled that this programme will not end here.  Our children are invited to join interest groups run at the Centre whenever they like.  We have already agreed to have another event there in the spring and the Hospice’s social programme has scheduled an event called ‘Children as pure as Angels’.

On behalf of the Hospice children and their parents we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who helped to organised this event and particularly to the Centre’s director E Onufrovich and the sand art teacher L Bairova.