Despite being postponed because of heavy snow, the Chess Valley Striders' Christmas Lunch raised £1825.  More here.


Children on the physiotherapy pilot programme at BCH have already benefitted significantly. Look at some pictures here.


The first lucky number in 2018 in the 100 Club draw is 33 and the prize is £45. Find out how to join here.

What Your Money Buys - Monthly Salaries at BCH

moneybuysIn 2011, Friends of BCH set up a fundraising department at BCH, in Minsk, and trained its first professional fundraisers.  Since then, the department has grown and at any one time has between 3 to 5 fundraisers and PR specialists. As they are now able to raise a great deal of the money needed to run BCH, our role has changed.  We now, in addition to managing and funding the physiotherapy pilot programme and being responsible for some equipment maintenance, are providing funding to pay only for the home care team at BCH.  BCH staff continue to put in a huge amount of time and dedication in return for relatively low salaries.  For example, most of the medical staff are on 24-hour call most of the time in case there is an emergency in the families they care for. This is in addition to their normal 42 hour working week.

The following are a sample of the funding Friends of BCH currently provides to BCH as a contribution to staff salaries per month

Hospice at Home

£340 Doctor
£265 Hospice at Home Nurse - we support 4 nurses
£120 Care assistant
£95 Psychologist

BCH summer camp

£244 Summer House on-site manager
£160 Summer House gardener/handyman

Friends of BCH is entirely volunteer-run.  We do not take any commission or any payment for our own work.