Despite being postponed because of heavy snow, the Chess Valley Striders' Christmas Lunch raised £1825.  More here.


Children on the physiotherapy pilot programme at BCH have already benefitted significantly. Look at some pictures here.


The first lucky number in 2018 in the 100 Club draw is 33 and the prize is £45. Find out how to join here.

What We Do

•    by supporting the salaries of certain key staff at the Belarusian Children’s Hospice we help to care for roughly 200 chronically and terminally ill children and their families every year

•    by purchasing medical equipment we make it possible for terminally ill children to be cared for in their own homes instead of spending their lives in hospital intensive care departments

•    by helping to fund BCH’s summer holiday project we ensure that more and more chronically and terminally ill children can have holidays in the fresh air at least once a year

•    by helping BCH to develop its own strategy and a long-term palliative care strategy for Belarus and by arranging and paying for professional training of BCH staff, including introducing a pilot paediatric physiotherapy programme, we are ensuring a future in which the children of Belarus will have access to professional palliative care based on the UK model

If we did not do all of this, most of the BCH children would be in long-term hospital care or in special children’s homes without their parents and loved ones. Their families would not receive the psychological and practical support that BCH provides.

Please help us to continue making short lives better!